Empowering Dreams: The Journey of the Dream Educational Foundation

2019, the Dream Educational Foundation (DEF) was founded with a clear and impactful mission: to empower high school students and dedicated credit union professionals to pursue higher education in accounting and finance. Thanks to unwavering support from our parent organization, CU Alliance, LLC (CUA), DEF has made its vision a reality. As we delve into this narrative, you’ll find a steadfast dedication to opening doors to higher and post-secondary education.

A Vision of Possibility

DEF envisions a community where potential, and ambition are the sole prerequisites for higher education. We believe in the profound influence of education, not only in improving individual lives but also in elevating families. Our mission is to foster a society that values education and ensures that the path to higher learning remains accessible for all who aspire to succeed.

Funding Dreams, One Student at a Time

The Dream Educational Foundation has made significant strides in fundraising thanks to the generosity of donors such as AMOCO Federal Credit Union and Credit Union Acceptance Company, LLC, and in collaboration with the Houston Chapter of Credit Unions and Cy-Hope, had raised over $89,000 in scholarship funds by the close of 2022.

2023 has been equally remarkable. With the steadfast support of Enterprise Car Sales, our credit union partners, and generous donors, DEF secured an impressive $76,000 in funds. Demonstrating our commitment, we awarded $10,000 in scholarships to two deserving credit union staff members pursuing more significant leadership roles within the credit union industry upon completing the CUNA School of Management.

Additionally, we established a $20,000 endowment fund for high school students seeking education in Accounting and Finance. We aim to double this impact in 2024, making even more further education dreams a reality.

For a complete list of our generous sponsors, please visit our Sponsors Page.

Community Unity for a Noble Cause

In June 2021, MemberSource Credit Union, under the leadership of Kenny Harrington, its President and CEO, demonstrated their commitment to our cause. They initiated a “Casual for the Cause” campaign, allowing their staff to donate to DEF and dress casually for the summer. Through their collective efforts, they raised over $1,000, showing how small acts of generosity can have a significant impact.

Credit Unions like IHMVCU and Air Force FCU have gone above and beyond by adding DEF to their Field of Membership. These partnerships allowed any foundation member to join their credit unions, showcasing the strength of unity in the credit union community.

Born of the desire to be a positive force in the credit union movement and the communities we serve while offering our credit union partners new ways to grow their membership by adding the foundation as a special interest group, the story of the Dream Educational Foundation is not solely about offering scholarships. It’s about nurturing dreams, shaping futures, fostering a community that values the boundless potential of education, and bringing us closer to a community where education is an option regardless of economic status with each scholarship and grant awarded.

Join us in our ongoing journey to open doors to higher education for students and credit union staff looking for the opportunity to reach their full potential.